E-cigarettes also cause lung cancer, study says

October 10, 2019  22:24

Recent studies at New York University School of Medicine have shown that fumes of these devices triggered lung cancer in 23% of laboratory mice in just one year.

According to TASS, cells in 58% of mice have changed, approaching the stage of abnormal division characteristic of cancer.

During the study, animals were divided into three groups. Mice from the first group (40 individuals) were exposed for 54 weeks to the vapors of e-nicotine cigarettes. The second group (20 individuals) was in contact with fumes without nicotine. The third group was a control.

It turned out that 9 out of 40 mice from the first group developed lung cancer - two types of adenocarcinomas. In addition, in 23 out of 40 mice, scientists found hyperplasia - an excessive increase in the number of cells characteristic of, inter alia, cancer.

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