Experts claim walking, standing or running at least 6 house per day is simple way to avoid obesity

October 28, 2019  17:45

Significantly reducing the risk of obesity is quite simple: you need to spend at least six hours a day on the legs, said scientists from Texas A&M University.

According to them, the likelihood of obesity is reduced by 32% for a person who stands, walks or runs at least six hours a day, while the amount of fat mass in the body is also reduced by a third.

For five years, scientists have observed the lifestyle of 7,000 adult participants. The volunteers also monitored all changes in the parameters of the figure. Specialists also recorded how much time people spent in a standing position. This indicator was correlated with body mass index (BMI), percentage of body fat and waist circumference.

It was found that being in a standing position for six hours reduced the likelihood of developing obesity in both men and women. For the former, it decreased by 32%, for the latter, by 35%.

If participants spent standing on their feet for 12 hours a day, the risk of obesity was reduced in men by 59%, in women - by 57%.

Scientists also found that the habit of spending a lot of time on the legs in combination with physical exercises significantly reduces the risk of developing a metabolic syndrome - a complex of metabolic, hormonal and clinical disorders in the human body, the basis of which is obesity. 


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