If all Armenians give up smoking, lung cancer cases will be significantly reduced, minister says

November 1, 2019  15:32

If all Armeian residents gave up smoking, the incidence of many diseases will be significantly reduced, said Armenian Health Minister Arsen Torosyan at a joint meeting of the standing parliamentary commissions during the preliminary discussion of the draft state budget for 2020.

About 1,900 new cases of cancer of the lung, throat and tongue are registered in Armenia annually, and most of these cases are related specifically to smoking. According to the minister, if this risk factor is removed, the incidence will be reduced by 9 times, and only about 200 new cases will be recorded annually.

The Minister also noted that smoking is considered a risk factor for the development of a number of other diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, which are now in first place in the country both in morbidity and mortality.

According to the draft state budget, AMD 100 million per year will be allocated for the fight against smoking until 2022. In the near future it is planned to place anti-tobacco posters in military units, where the smoking problem is very acute.

The Armenian Parliament will have to consider a new anti-smoking bill soon, which provides for a number of restrictions, including a ban on smoking in closed public premises.

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