4 external symptoms that may indicate heart problems

December 7, 2019  19:01

Every fourth death in the world is associated with heart disease. But many learn about these diseases only when it is almost impossible to help patients.

According to German experts, there are several external symptoms that may indicate heart problems - even when there are no other symptoms yet, Focus reported.

Diagonal wrinkles in the earlobe

With vascular lesions (for example, with atherosclerosis), the blood supply to the ears is disturbed, and as a result a diagonal wrinkle may appear on the earlobe - a fold.

Deformation of the nails and upper phalanges of the fingers

If the fingers become like drumsticks, if the nails expand and thicken, this may be a sign of a lack of oxygen, which occurs due to poor functioning of the vessels. The cause of this problem may be heart failure.

Ring around the iris

Excess body fat in the vessels may appear as a white “ring” around the outer surface of the iris. Usually it occurs in aging people, but the appearance of a ring in people under 45 can be a symptom of lipid metabolism disturbance. It does not affect vision, but may indicate diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Fat deposits

Fat deposits on the skin of the hands, knees, or eyelids can be a sign of high cholesterol, which in turn is a marker of an increased risk of atherosclerosis, a known risk factor for heart attack or stroke.

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