How to recognize eye cancer?

December 9, 2019  11:26

German doctors talked about how changes can recognize eye cancer, Focus magazine reported.

There are 2 types of eye cancer: retinoblastoma and choroidal melanoma.

Retinoblastoma is often diagnosed in childhood, and parents are usually the first to notice it. When shooting with a flash, one pupil in a child with retinoblastoma will be red, and the other will be white, orange, or a different color. Another sign of this eye cancer may be strabismus.

As for choroidal melanoma, it has little in common with skin melanoma, despite the consonance in the names. Director of the Department of Ophthalmology in the clinical complex, argues that skin cancer is relatively easy to treat with immunotherapy, while choroidal melanoma is almost not responsive to therapeutic effects: it behaves like an embryonic or archaic tumor that can penetrate any cell of the body and has a high risk of metastasis. Therefore,early detection is so important in the case of choroidal melanoma,the specialist noted.

Often such a tumor occurs between the ages of 20 and 30 years. According to the expert, the symptoms of this type of eye cancer depend on which part of the eye the tumor grows, but all of them are somehow related to visual impairment.

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