10 reasons you might not know about headache

December 22, 2019  11:43

There are many “triggers” of headaches, just many of us do not even know about this. We present several factors that can cause or exacerbate a headache:


Have you ever known that caffeine can cause a headache? Its excess in the body can change vascular tone, which in turn can worsen well-being and lead to headaches.

Bad posture

If you sit in front of a computer a lot, bending over and hunching your back, you will most likely have a headache due to poor posture, tension in the muscles of the back and neck.

Passive smoking

If one smoke in your presence, many dangerous substances enter your body. Some of them constrict blood vessels, leading to headaches and other problems.


Hunger can also cause a headache.

Chewing gum

Long chewing can also lead to headaches, as in this process the muscles of the cheeks and jaw tighten, which, in turn, affects the nerves and blood vessels in the head.

Weather changes

When the air temperature rises or falls, in some people this can cause a headache.


The smell of perfume, especially if it is sharp and intense, can also be a serious trigger for a headache.


Some foods can also lead to headaches, like blue cheese, sausage, and any processed meat products that contain a lot of nitrates and other substances that can cause a headache.


During active sports, an increased load on the blood vessels is created, which changes their habitual state. Due to profuse sweating, the mineral balance may be disturbed. All these are prerequisites for the development of a headache.


Stress is another common cause of headaches, especially if you are a nervous person and are characterized by increased anxiety.

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