Activated carbon for alcohol poisoning is useless, specialist says

December 23, 2019  22:25

Activated charcoal is completely useless in case of alcohol poisoning, according to Yulia Shevtsova, candidate of medical sciences, leading researcher at the Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Narcology, Department of Health of the capital, Russia.

The specialist recommends drinking 1.5 litres of warm water with a small amount of soda, salt and sugar, causing vomiting, and then if necessary, call an ambulance.

In an interview with the Moscow agency, the specialist noted that sorbents, such as activated charcoal, are actually completely useless in case of alcohol poisoning, since alcohol, especially surrogate alcohol, is absorbed directly into the walls of the stomach.

The specialist added that surrogate alcohol poisoning is different from typical alcoholic poisoning. In case of poisoning with surrogate alcohol, a person develops symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, loose stools, cold clammy sweat, blurred consciousness, veil before eyes and lethargy. If the poisoning is more severe, a coma is possible, and in this case, one need to urgently consult a doctor.

The specialist called methyl alcohol and ethylene glycol the most dangerous substitutes for alcohol. Only 10-50 milliliters of these substances can cause toxic decompensation of internal organs and lead to death.

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