How to avoid intoxication and reduce harm from alcohol? Expert’s tips

January 17, 2020  15:58

How can the harm that alcohol causes to the body be reduced? Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London shared some useful tips.

First, the expert recommends trying not to drink champagne: the fact is that the bubbles accelerate the onset of intoxication. If you are going to drink wine and beer, it is better to drink beer first, The Daily Mail reported

According to the expert, beer will take a place in the stomach and will not allow you to drink more wine. The strength of the wine is higher, so the less you drink it, the less likely it is to get drunk, he said.

After two alcoholic drinks, you can switch to soft drinks, this will help control the degree of intoxication. If you are going to a party with friends, it will not be out of place to initially agree with friends about the amount of alcohol consumed; during the event, do not open more bottles than originally agreed.

The specialist recommends not combining salty with alcohol: as because of the salt, a person will be thirsty and drink more alcohol.

The expert recalls that alcohol can cause damage to the brain and liver, as well as problems with the psyche and behavior.

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