What heels are considered safe for healthy legs?

January 25, 2020  22:07

Heel is considered safe up to five centimeters, optimal - three centimeters, according to  Olga Chizhevskaya (Russia), executive director of the League for the Promotion of the Development of Podiatry.

High heels, according to the expert, are harmful at any age, but they are especially dangerous for young girls.

However, even older women wear high heels (especially if they also have a narrow toe and a tight block) can lead to a number of problems - from varicose veins and edema to metabolic disorders in the feet and cramps in the calf muscles.

Hallux valgus deformity of the foot is the most common problem that women over the age of 30 visit a podiatrist. And the main risk factor for the development of this disease, according to the specialist, is high heel.

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