La Scala Opera House is closed, mass events canceled: Northern Italy quarantined amid coronavirus

February 24, 2020  10:53

Three people died due to the new coronavirus COVID-19 in northern Italy, and the total number of infected exceeded 150 people. The country's authorities announced the introduction of emergency measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Some cities were closed for quarantine; all major mass events were canceled in many settlements.

According to BBC, the Venice authorities decided to complete the annual carnival ahead of schedule to prevent the spread of viral infection. The La Scala opera house was closed in Milan, and fashion designer Giorgio Armani held the show of the latest collection as part of Milan Fashion Week behind closed doors.

It is not yet known how an outbreak of coronavirus hit in Italy.

According to, 157 cases of infection were reported in Italy, and now it has come third in the number of infected people in the world after China (77,345) and South Korea (763). Italy overtook Japan, where (apart from the patients of the Diamond Princess liner) 146 cases of infection were recorded.

According to the latest data, coronavirus has already claimed 2619 lives, and the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 77 500.

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