Coronavirus death toll reaches 3,497 worldwide

March 7, 2020  09:37

The death toll from the novel coronavirus has reached 3,497, and the virus itself has already been reported in 97 countries.

China has 80,651 coronavirus infections and 3,070 deaths; in South Korea, 6,767 infections and 44 deaths; in Iran, 4,747 infections and 124 deaths; and in Italy, 4,636 infections and 197 deaths.

According to, a total of 670 cases of coronavirus were reported in Germany, 653 in France, 420 in Japan, 402 in Spain, 333 in the US, 214 in Switzerland, 164 in the UK, 137 in Sweden, 130 in Singapore, 128 the Netherlands, 127 in Norway, 109 in Belgium, and 108 in Hong Kong. Less than 100 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in other countries.

One case, each, of this disease has been reported in 24 countries, including Armenia.

As of today, 57,622 patients have recovered from the coronavirus, whereas 41,188 others are still being treated, and 6,153 (15 percent) of them are either in severe or critical condition.

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