Coronavirus: Why the situation in Italy and Iran worse than in China?

March 13, 2020  15:10

The epicenter of the new COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic was the Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei Province. And to this day, China has the largest number of infected and deaths from coronavirus: 80,814 and 3,177, respectively. However…things are much worse in Italy, Iran and South Korea than in China.

Let’s figure out why.

According to the most recent data, 15, 113 cases of coronavirus infection have already been recorded in Italy. Italy has a population of about 60.48 million, and 250 cases of coronavirus per 1 million people in this country, compared to China, where 1 million people account for 56.1 cases - almost five times less. Thus, Italy has the highest prevalence of coronavirus. And the higher the per capita prevalence of a disease transmitted by airborne droplets, the higher the risk of the rapid spread of the virus throughout the country.

Moreover, 1016 deaths due to coronavirus have been recorded in Italy. China, with a population of 1.386 billion, has 3,177 deaths.

According to the latest data, 7979 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Such Korea - 155.6 cases per 1 million population. However, South Korea is known for testing even patients with mild symptoms, and not just those who already have pneumonia, so mild cases are detected that are not taken into account in the statistics of many other countries. That is why in South Korea mortality from coronavirus is so low - 71 cases.

A total of 805 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Norway - 148 per capita.

Iran has 10,075 cases of coronavirus - 120 cases per 1 million population, as well as 429 deaths. Thus, Iran is in fourth place in the world in the number of cases per capita, after Italy, South Korea, and Norway. And China is only on the 11th.

Denmark has 674 cases of coronavirus: 116.4 per 1 million people; Switzerland - 868 cases: 100.3 per 1 million people. In Bahrain, Qatar, and Sweden, the prevalence of coronavirus is also higher than in China.

Armenia has six cases of coronavirus - nearly 2 cases per million of the population.

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