70 patients with COVID-19 are at Center of Traumatology and Orthopaedy, Armenian health minister says

March 26, 2020  14:12

About 70 patients with coronavirus infection are now at the Center of Traumatology and Orthopaedy in Yerevan, said the Armenian health minister.

According to Arsen Torosyan, they are being monitored by traumatologist orthopedists who have undergone special retraining.

An infectious disease specialist is also working with these specialists, and a resuscitator will soon join them, he added.

To control simple cases that have no complications, basic medical education is enough, the minister said. Such patients usually have only a fever that does not last long, and the body copes with the virus over time.

According to the minister, the whole staff potential is being mobilized in Armenia today: intensive training courses are being organized for doctors of other specialties so that they can work with patients tested positive for coronavirus. 

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