WHO: Coronavirus is not airborne

March 30, 2020  14:11

The new coronavirus is not transmitted by air, but by the so-called drip route, said experts from the World Health Organization(WHO)

Respiratory infections can be transmitted through droplets of different sizes, the statement said.

As experts noted, the drops are too heavy and do not stay in the air for a long time and fall on the surrounding surfaces. Therefore, even if you go where a sick person passed a few minutes before you, the chance of getting infected is practically reduced to zero.

“Current WHO recommendations emphasize the importance of rational and appropriate use of all PPE, not only masks, which requires correct and rigorous behavior from health care workers, particularly in doffing procedures and hand hygiene practices. WHO also recommends staff training on these recommendations, as well as the adequate procurement and availability of the necessary PPE and other supplies and facilities. Finally, WHO continues to emphasize the utmost importance of frequent hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and environmental cleaning and disinfection, as well as the importance of maintaining physical distances and avoidance of close, unprotected contact with people with fever or respiratory symptoms,” the statement added.

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