COVID-19 in Armenia: How hard did it hit us in terms of morbidity and mortality?

June 3, 2020  18:30

Armenia has reported 515 COVID-19 new cases in the past day, bringing the total number to 10,524.

The death toll here is 229.

How hard did it hit us in terms of morbidity and mortality?

According to, in terms of the absolute number of infected, Armenia today is at 55th place in the world, between Nigeria and Algeria. However, this figure does not provide the necessary conclusions about the situation with infection in the country.

According to the same resource, there are 3,552 COVID-19 cases and 57 deaths per million people in Armenia. Based on the first indicator, Armenia is already ranked 28th, while based on the second indictor we took the 38th place.

In terms of the number of infections per million people, Qatar is in the first place: there are 21,461 cases per million, and the absolute number there, according to the latest data, is 60,259.

San Marino is ranked second with 672 cases of infection with a population of 33,926.

And the Vatican is ranked third with 12 cases and 801 people.

The US still leads in the absolute number of infected people in the world (1,881,256). Brazil is ranked second (558,237), leaving behind Russia (432,277).

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