Scientists find link between depression and heart disease

June 17, 2020  19:20

There is a clear link between depression and an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and early death. A new study led by Simon Fraser University professor Scott Lear provided further evidence for this connection.

"The global study tracked 145,862 middle-aged participants from 21 countries and found a 20 per cent increase in cardiovascular events and death in people with four or more depressive symptoms. The risks were twice as high in urban areas—where the majority of the global population will be living by 2050— and more than double in men," the press release noted.

The results of this study today are more than relevant, because the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affects the mental health of many people, causing increased anxiety and depression.

According to scientists, the symptoms of depression should be considered as risk factors for the development of heart disease, along with such risk factors as smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

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