COVID-19 may be invincible

July 24, 2020  12:20

COVID-19 may never be completely defeated, according to scientists at the University of Minnesota. Only a vaccine can limit the spread of the virus, which, over time, is likely to adapt to the human body and circulate in the same way as the common cold viruses do.

Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research, believes COVID-19 will coexist with humanity like HIV. The specialist also doubts that with the help of the vaccine, people will be able to acquire long-lasting immunity, since, in those who have been ill, the immune protection provided by antibodies is gradually weakening, TASS reported.

Vaccination will create immunity against coronavirus, which will last from several months to several years. More research will be required to develop more effective vaccines, but humanity does not have time for this right now.

According to, over 15.5 million people in the world have already become infected with the coronavirus, of which 636,633 have died.

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