5 interesting facts about our muscles

May 14, 2021  20:45

Did you know that the hardest muscle in the body is the heart, and the strongest is the jaw? Here are some interesting facts about our muscles.

We have nearly 640 muscles

There are nearly 640 muscles in the human body. Why 'nearly'? because different people may have a different number. For example, not everyone has a long palmar muscle: in animals, this muscle is used to release claws, but humans do not need it, therefore, in a rudimentary form, it has been preserved in some people - only on one hand, and in some, it has not been preserved at all.

To take a step, you need to use about 200 muscles

To take just 1 step, our body has to use about 200 muscles. Some of them are responsible for flexion, others for extension of the limb, others for balance, and so on.

We lose muscle mass as we age

After 40 years, the body begins to dramatically lose muscle mass - up to 3% per year. After 60 years, this process accelerates to 5% or more. But if you lead an active lifestyle and keep your muscles in working order, the process of muscle loss will slow down.

The heart muscle is the most resilient in the body

The heart muscle is the most resilient muscle in the body, because it works continuously throughout our life. It is believed that the margin of its strength under normal conditions is enough for 100 years or more.

The jaw is the strongest muscle in the body

The strongest muscle in the body is the jaw. The compression force of the jaw muscle can reach 390 kg.

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