Do masks raise body temperature during exercise?

September 9, 2021  15:36

Can you wear masks while doing sports? Many people are interested in this question. A new study, presented in the journal Sports Health, found that wearing a mask in hot weather does not significantly increase body temperature or heart rate during exercise.

Scientists have tested four types of masks: surgical; N95; geyter covering neck, nose and mouth and sports mask. The temperature and heart rate of masked participants were compared with those of a control group who exercised without a mask. No significant differences were found between them.

Study participants walked or jogged for 60 minutes at 32 degrees Celsius. Exercise intensity ranged from low to medium. The scientists also measured the moisture and temperature inside and outside the face mask. They found that the sports mask and gaiter were the wettest, as the materials absorbed more sweat and water vapor from the exhaled air.

Although participants reported greater degrees of breathing discomfort during face mask exercise due to changes in internal humidity and temperature, no association was found between this discomfort and body temperature and heart rate.

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