How does COVID-19 affect life expectancy?

September 28, 2021  13:48

COVID-19 can shorten the life expectancy of people by 10 years, doctor Ancha Baranova noted.

“As long as people are young and have immunity, they cope with coronavirus or multiple immunizations. By old age, we have more and more diseases, and the coronavirus is one of them, and therefore, on average, life expectancy decreases. We have a new natural enemy that is gradually gnawing at us,” the specialist noted.

The option to naturally attenuate the virus also remains, she said. However, over the two years of the pandemic, the virus, if weakened, then completely imperceptibly, she emphasized.

According to RIA Novosti, genotypes that are not suitable for combating coronavirus infection are decreasing in number, and those who are more successful in coping with the danger survive. But there is an opinion that after 2-3 generations people will, on average, cope better with the disease, even without drugs.

“The structure of the viruses that torment humanity may also change, maybe the flu will finally decrease,” the specialist said.

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