Vitamin D deficiency: What are the symptoms that make it suspicious?

January 13, 2022  18:40

In winter, many people face a vitamin D deficiency problem, because this vitamin is produced under the skin through exposure to sunlight, which is usually rare in winter.

What symptoms could indicate vitamin D deficiency?

According to the British NHS, one of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency is considered to be a feeling of fatigue that occurs during the day, which bothers people no matter how much they sleep.

Experts remind that vitamin D plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy bones and muscles. Its lack provokes their weakness, which can contribute to the feeling of physical fatigue.

According to the specialist, all people get tired from time to time, but usually rest and sleep relieve this fatigue. If a person feels pathologically tired and this feeling is not consistent with the effort expended and is not eliminated by sleep and rest, he is advised to check his vitamin D levels.

It should be noted that other disorders can cause daytime fatigue, including anemia, sleep apnea, and underactive thyroid gland.

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