H3N2 flu in Armenia: Mostly underage children infected

February 9, 2022  13:19

Influenza type A H3N2 is circulating in Armenia and most of the infected and hospitalized are those underaged, Armenian health ministry representative Romela Abovyan told journalists.

This season 1,089 samples were tested for influenza and ARI, and 207 cases were found to get the H3N2 subtype of influenza A. In January, 223 samples were tested, of which 72 got A H3N2.

According to the specialist, the incidence of influenza and ARI is now 2.5 times higher than during the same period last year. Both influenza and ARI are most common in people aged 0-14 years and 30-64 years.

Romella Abovyan also reported that as of February 8, 456 people have been hospitalized with influenza and ARIs, 84.8% of whom are children aged 0-18. There were 317 patients with pneumonia, 57 of whom were between 0-18 years old.

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