What are benefits of vitamin D and how to replenish its levels in body?

May 8, 2022  13:44

Group D vitamins are essential for the body.

Our body can't make enough of them and needs to get them from outside: from certain foods and sunlight, Planet Today reports.

The body goes through a complex chain of transformations. While vitamin D2 can be obtained from food, its derivative, vitamin D3, is produced only when a person gets enough sunlight.

Without vitamin D3 is impossible to normal immune function. It is he who helps the production of antibodies against various diseases, including those caused by viruses, against which there is no cure.

 With a lack of this vitamin, a person becomes lethargic, exhausted, there are negative changes in the psyche: anxiety, insomnia, depression. That is why exacerbations occur in the spring or fall, when everyone lacks sunshine.

Numerous studies have shown that every seventh person in the world experiences a deficiency of this substance, especially the inhabitants of northern regions. It is recommended that such people take pharmacological supplements.

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