What diseases can dance cure?

May 24, 2022  09:36

Researchers say that regular dance classes can be a kind of natural medicine to fight chronic pain and anxiety disorders, MedicForum reported.

What's more, dance has been found to strengthen the state of mind of patients with Alzheimer's disease. Scientists have long been aware of the link between regular physical activity and mental health promotion, and now it turns out what kinds of exercise are most useful.

Observations have shown that daily dance practice reduces anxiety levels, combats chronic pain and benefits victims of senile dementia. Muscles have memory, and when we do any kind of workout regularly, we perform the movements more easily each time. Researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia believe that the individualism of dance is what sets it apart from other simple physical activities like riding a bicycle.

In dance we are absolutely individual, and that is what has a very positive effect not only on mental but also physical health.

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