Most popular appendicitis myths debunked

June 28, 2022  15:44

Appendicitis is also called the monkey of the abdominal cavity, a well-known Russian doctor, cardiologist, Dr. Alexander Myasnikov, noted, Arguments and Facts reported.

The main thing that everyone knows about appendicitis is that it should hurt in the lower right square. However, the pain begins near the navel, it is diffuse, then it begins to concentrate on the right, but it can also radiate to other areas, even to the anus.

Dr. Myasnikov noted that this is the most common cause of such a condition as "acute abdomen" - this is a pathology that requires immediate medical attention.

Most often, this problem occurs before the age of 19, although it is possible in all other age categories.

As the specialist noted, a number of fundamental provisions have changed in the treatment of appendicitis. One of them concerns the operation. If we are talking about uncomplicated and non-perforated appendicitis, then it is quite possible to treat it with antibiotics.

However, as the doctor stated, doctors do not recommend using one antibiotic therapy for this, as the risk of relapse is high - this occurs in 30% of people who treat appendicitis with antibiotics.

But if a person categorically refuses, and the situation does not require emergency intervention, and also if for some reason he cannot be given lidocaine now, antibiotic therapy can be started - first, injections are done in the hospital, then the patient is released, and he is treated for 10 days at home.

It is also worth considering such a nuance associated with surgery. If the appendicitis is not perforated, surgery can be delayed for 12-24 hours, but more than 48 hours is not allowed. If it burst, a phlegmon, an abscess developed, then you need to act urgently.

Today, the recommendation not to anesthetize has lost its relevance.

“This is a mistake of the last century. Today, all surgical communities say that a person should not endure pain, it is necessary to anesthetize him, then he will allow his stomach to be examined,” the doctor explained. And everything you need will be noticeable anyway - both according to the analyzes and the tension of the abdomen.

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