In what diseases does sense of smell disappear?

July 25, 2022  18:40

A person may have a distorted perception of odors or a complete loss of sense of smell in cases of necrotic and chronic runny nose, coronavirus, stroke and concussion, told URA.RU the general practitioner  Andrey Zvonkov.

"There is such an inflammation in the nasopharynx, which is called necrotic runny nose. This is a severe purulent disease that affects the nasal mucosa from the inside, right up to the blackness. When you look into the nasopharynx, and there are black spots - this is necrosis, which means the tissue is dead. When there is swelling in a chronic runny nose, a person often can't smell or only pungent smells. The most striking manifestation of impaired taste and sense of smell occurred during the COVID epidemic," said  Andrey Zvonkov.

Such symptoms can be observed not only in diseases of the respiratory system, the therapist noted. 

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