What foods are dangerous for people over 30?

August 7, 2022  21:31

To preserve health and prolong youthfulness after 30 years of age, it is recommended to give up eating fast food, trans fats and energy drinks, cardiologist Svetlana Pavlichenko says.

The specialist told Lenta.ru, that there are only a few groups of foods that prevent a person to look younger.

First of all, she recommends excluding industrial trans fats from your diet. Trans fats cause chronic inflammation and contain "bad" low-density cholesterol. There is no safe dose of trans fats: any consumption increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

Trans fats are found in fast food, baked goods, sweets, and other products. Often the manufacturer hides them under other names. For this reason, the specialist recommends that you carefully study the composition of the products and not buy those that contain "partially hydrogenated fats", "vegetable fats", "partially hardened vegetable oils".

The specialist also advises to completely give up sugary carbonated drinks and energy drinks after the age of 30. According to her, a 0.3 liter can of carbonated drinks has 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is almost all the daily norm recommended by the WHO. Sugar provokes tooth decay and increases the risk of obesity and related illnesses: type 2 diabetes and stroke.

After the age of 30, it is recommended to limit consumption of chips and snacks, because they contain a lot of salt: a pack of 90 grams contains about half the daily norm of salt for an adult. Excess salt promotes water retention in the body, which leads to edema.

It is also recommended to approach the consumption of alcohol wisely, from which the skin suffers as much as the liver.

The last group of products, with which it is recommended to be careful after 30 years - meat products, because they contain a lot of salt, preservatives, flavor enhancers. These components provoke chronic inflammation in the body, which wears out the body from the outside and inside, and increases the risk of chronic diseases.

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