Why is it dangerous to use plastic dishes repeatedly?

August 7, 2022  16:34

When using plastic containers to minimize the risks of harm to health, precautions must be observed and the prescribed technical regulations must be followed, Izvestia reported.

When in contact with plastic containers, it is recommended to pay attention to special markings on dishes, in particular, the corresponding mark for food plastic, fork and cup, a single sign of customs circulation "ЕАС" and the Mobius loop with a number, indicating the type of plastic. Their presence indicates the safety of use.

It is equally important, according to experts, not to use disposable tableware repeatedly, especially if there are signs of deformation, such as loss of transparency in plastic bottles. It is recommended to store plastic bottles away from direct sunlight, and it is not recommended to fill them with hot liquids. It is advisable to be careful with food containers and not to scratch them from cutlery.

Violation of the integrity of plastic packaging, not following the rules of operation and storage conditions can provoke the process of migration of harmful substances into the human body together with food. Ingestion of micro particles of plastic can lead to inflammation and a number of other problems.

Note that accumulations of plastic particles are often found in the liver, kidneys, nerve tissue and even the placenta.

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