Why are people drawn to fast food and sugary carbonated drinks?

September 1, 2022  14:29

Cravings for constant consumption of fast food and sugary carbonated beverages are most often associated with unmet psychological and physical needs, said physician-endocrinologist, dietitian Anastasia Tarasko told Lenta.ru.

The nutritionist warned that such a habit stifles a person's true desires for a while, but does not solve the original problem.

According to the doctor, lemonades contain a huge amount of sugar, so their regular consumption can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Chips contain many harmful additives and salt, the abuse of which shortens life expectancy.

Tarasko said the habit of snacking or replacing a full meal with fast food leads to cravings for salty foods, so it is better to make more substantial or healthy snacks, NEWS.ru reported.  

"Snacking once or twice a day is enough for a healthy adult, rather than eating chips or potato chips for almost the entire day. As a healthy snack, a vegetable snack such as carrots and celery with a handful of nuts is ideal... Dried vegetables, fruit, or a serving of berries," the endocrinologist recommended.

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