What foods are dangerous to combine with coffee?

October 2, 2022  21:46

It is harmful to combine coffee with some products in case of calcium deficiency, said Russian endocrinologist and nutritionist Oksana Mikhaleva.

According to the specialist, it is better not to mix coffee with foods rich in calcium and iron. The fact is that coffee contains tianites, which give the drink a bitter taste and bind calcium and iron in the intestines.

"For example, calcium is found mostly in dairy products. If we consume dairy products only together with coffee, absorption will be reduced and a calcium deficiency may develop," the doctor said in a conversation with Gazeta.Ru.

In particular, this applies to adolescents, pregnant women and pensioners. And it is possible to drink coffee with milk, but it will not be useful, because the absorption of calcium in the body will be minimal.

Some people should refuse this drink for health reasons at all, the expert added, reports MK.  

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