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Anti-cancer drug based on brewer's yeast is created

November 22, 2022  15:47

Scientists from Denmark have managed to obtain an effective chemotherapeutic drug against cancer on the basis of brewer's yeast. The results of the work of researchers from the Technical University were published in the journal Nature.

Vinblastine is one of the most commonly used chemotherapy drugs in the world. But it can only be made using Catharanthus roseus - the plant contains two chemicals that can stop the growth of cancer cells. Between 2019 and 2021, there was a global shortage of the drug due to production problems.

Researchers found a replacement for cataranthus roseus. They used genetically modified brewer's yeast, in which genes from other plants were added. With their help specialists were able to obtain the necessary substances for vinblastine production.

According to the scientists, the yeast grows faster and in larger quantities, making it an effective substitute for catharanthus roseus. The team will continue its research to confirm the drug's effectiveness against cancer.

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