Psychologists: Fooling around with co-workers at work is good for your health

November 30, 2022  12:42

Fooling around with co-workers at work is good for your health. This is the conclusion reached by psychologists from the Otto Beisheim School of Management and Trinity Business School. They claim that such pastime reduces stress levels.

Scientists classified watching a short funny video or a humorous conversation as fooling around. It is usually believed that such entertainment distracts employees from their work, but it turned out to help them be more creative in their work.

The study involved 85 volunteer office workers. They were observed for 12 weekdays. Each day, researchers sent them a funny video or picture and then measured participants' stress levels and their effectiveness at work.

"This is where positivity comes into play. Positive emotions allow employees to manage their resources more effectively. This allows them to maintain a good pace of work until the end of the day," explained the scientists, whose paper was published in the journal Work & Stress.

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