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Teenager from India grows 60-centimeter long hands

December 14, 2022  22:15

An Indian teenager from the state of Jharkhand has grown 60-centimeter-long hands that have earned him the nickname "the devil's child." His story is published by the Daily Mirror.

Mohammad Kaleem, 16, suffers from macrodactyly, an enlargement of the fingers or toes and the resulting asymmetry of the body. Because of the rare disease, each of Kaleem's hands weighs about eight kilograms.

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The teenager suffers because of the disease: he is shunned by his peers and called the Hulk. He underwent an unsuccessful surgery, after which his arms began to grow even faster.

According to Mohammad's relatives, it is hard for him to do without help. He couldn't eat or bathe by himself, so he needed people around him all the time. The parents aren't giving up and are trying to find qualified professionals to help their son. Kaleem's father, Mohammad Shamim, worries that he will not be able to become independent and live a full life.

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