Walking even for minute improves health

January 23, 2023  14:10

Even walking for one minute periodically during the day can have a health-promoting effect, researchers from Columbia University have found.

Scientists have once again drawn public attention to a simple and free way to improve health - walking, reports ScienceDaily.  The researchers found that even minute periods of walking during the day can have a positive impact on blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Specialists note that sedentary behavior has become a mass trend, which was greatly contributed to the past pandemic of covida. Scientists emphasize that sports are ineffective if, for example, a person spends most of the day in a sitting position. They suggest the practice of regular physical activity - even if it is short in duration.

If one takes a five-minute walk every half hour during the workday, this type of activity helps lower blood sugar and blood pressure, and also leads to improved mood and reduced feelings of fatigue, the researchers said.

They added that some beneficial effects of walking are felt even if a person walks for one minute - but does it every half hour or hour.


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