When chest pain should be considered dangerous

January 25, 2023  16:37

Chest pain may be associated with cardiovascular disease, but it is by no means always a signal of serious illness.

Even if the resulting chest pain feels severe, it may be related to conditions that do not pose a serious threat. In particular, it may be due to stress, anxiety, non-serious neurological disorders.

So how to understand that the chest pain is dangerous:


Persistent severe pain is a reason to seek medical attention, medical experts told the Times of India. They recommend seeking help if the pain persists for more than five minutes.


If the chest pain is caused by a serious problem, additional symptoms may occur:

-Shortness of breath
- Cold sweat
- Nausea
- Fatigue
- Weakness, drowsiness
- Confusion
- Pain in the arms, back, jaw

So what does temporary chest discomfort indicate? When piercing chest pain occurs suddenly and lasts very briefly (momentarily), it may be due to rib injury or muscle strain, as well as inflammation in the chest, fibromyalgia, or shingles, a disease similar to chickenpox

Chest pain on the right side

It is often caused by problems with the lungs - such as occurs with pneumonia or other pulmonary infection, asthma attacks.

Esophageal spasms

There is a disorder in which abnormal contractions of the esophagus occur - a person feels a sudden severe pain in the chest, lasting from several minutes to hours. Such pain can easily be mistaken for angina.

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