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Rare case recorded in Yerevan: 14-year-old boy's heart is on right side but it's not ordinary dextrocardia (PHOTOS)

September 15, 2023  12:53

A rare case was recorded at the Nork-Marash Medical Center in Yerevan as due to underdevelopment of his right lung, a 14-year-old boy’s partition and heart are located in the right half of his chest, informs the aforesaid hospital.

When applying to Nork-Marash Medical Center, this boy was complaining of feeling of heart palpitations on the right side. According to his mother, the child had noticed it one year ago while playing football.

The echocardiogram showed that the child's heart was on the right side, but it was not an ordinary dextrocardia, which made the doctor suspicious, in connection with which a contrast computed tomography of his chest was performed.

And the result was impressive. The child had agenesis of the right lung—that is, his right lung was not developed, his right main bronchus, right pulmonary artery, and right pulmonary veins were also missing, respectively. As a result, his septum—including his heart—is located in the right half of his chest.

Such location of the child’s heart, however, did not cause any hemodynamic deviations, and he has a structurally healthy heart.

The child was referred to a pulmonologist and orthopedist for consultation, and will be under constant medical supervision at Nork-Marash Medical Center.




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