Foods: sea fennel has powerful rejuvenating properties

February 29, 2024  16:18

Researchers from Split University in Croatia have found that hydrolates and essential oils derived from sea fennel have strong antioxidant and anti-aging potential. The results of the study are published in the journal Foods.

Sea fennel belongs to a group of perennial aromatic herbs belonging to the carrot family (Apiaceae). The plant is also called sea fennel because of its external similarity to members of the Umbrella family, which have a thin stem and a lush top.

During the scientific work, scientists used a combination of chemical and biological methods of analysis to study the biochemical composition and biological properties of sea fennel collected in France and Croatia. It turned out that this plant has powerful antioxidant and anti-aging potential. Its phenolic plant compounds are able to fight aging by protecting cells from damage by special forms of oxygen - free radicals. They accumulate in the body during natural metabolism.

It is also noted that Croatian sea fennel shows antityrosinase and anticollagenase activity - hydrolates and essential oils based on it in the composition of care cosmetics can help soften the skin, even out its tone and lighten age spots. The scientists hope that their discovery will contribute to the development of new, safe and natural anti-aging cosmetic additives.

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