How many steps should obese people take per day?

April 8, 2024  10:47

Two out of every five adults in the US suffer from obesity, and the frequency of this disease increases over time. However, research has repeatedly shown that obesity is a complex disease, and in some it has a genetic component.

Now, a new research suggests that people with a high genetic risk of obesity may need to exercise more than those with a lower risk to avoid developing this disease.

In the study, the results of which were published in JAMA Network Open, physical activity, as well as clinical and genetic data of 3,124 people were studied.

Researchers studied the relationship between the risk of developing obesity and how much physical activity a person needs to reduce the risk of developing this disease.

Participants in the study took about 8,236 steps per day for over 5.4 years. And as a result, it was found that obesity rates increased from 13 percent to 43 percent in the lowest and highest risk groups.

The researchers concluded that people with a genetic risk should increase the number of their steps in order to reduce the risk of developing obesity.

The number of steps varied depending on the baseline body mass index (BMI), a tool that assesses whether a person's weight is within the norm for their height, and calculated risk. The researchers found that people with a BMI in the 75th percentile should take an average of 2,280 more steps per day, for a total of 11,020 steps.

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