JARRL: it takes more than 12 weeks of exercise to improve cerebral blood flow

May 16, 2024  11:11

Researchers from the University of Iowa have found that exercise is good for the brain and the blood supply system of this organ, but its effects take time to accumulate positive effects. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Applied Physiology (JARRL).

The study involved 28 people aged 40 to 64 with mildly elevated blood pressure or hypertension. All of them had a sedentary lifestyle. After obtaining information about the subjects' health, they were divided into two groups. For three months, volunteers from the first group had to perform aerobic exercise in a controlled manner. The second group acted as a control group - the participants were instructed to stick to a healthy diet and increase their level of physical activity in the desired way.

Before the start and at the end of the experimental period, the scientists collected data on the state of the cardiorespiratory system and cognitive abilities of the participants, as well as assessed the intensity of blood flow pulsation in the cerebral arteries of each of them.

The results of the experiment showed that after completing the 12-week training programme, the subjects in the first group had improved working memory and physical endurance. The researchers found that the strength of blood flow pulsation in the arteries of the brain also increased, but only slightly.

According to the scientists, such results indicated not the lack of benefit for brain health from exercise, but the complexity of adaptation of the organ's vascular network to exercise. The authors of the scientific work suggested that to achieve the best effect (improvement of cerebral blood flow), the training period should last more than 12 weeks.

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