To stop baldness can help this popular drink

August 13, 2017  16:52

Caffeine will help to keep the hair.

It turns out that coffee helps to solve this widespread cosmetic problem, like accelerated hair loss. The benefits of coffee is also manifested in his just drink, and when rubbed into the scalp.

Those who have problems with baldness, pay attention to coffee advised a well-known expert, Dr. Adolf Klenk from research firm Wolff Company. According to him, caffeine has the property to reduce the activity of testosterone, whose high level is often a factor in hair loss.

Dr. Klenk encourages the habit of drinking coffee, which can play a preventive role against baldness. But more effectively, he says, rubbed into the hair roots 22% solution of coffee. A similar procedure (assuming a regular run) is very effective when restoring thinning hair, the expert noted that the hair loss is reduced by 20%.

At the same time, Klenk said that the manipulation of massaging coffee, like many other similar (e.g. rubbing compounds with peppers, onions, etc.), makes sense if the hair follicles are not killed completely. When they are dying off can only help something more serious – for example, transplantation of hair follicles.

Previously, scientists from Japan made the statement that an excellent natural activator of growth of hair is wasabi, but strictly in its natural form, and not as well-known seasoning.



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