Named the most useless medical procedure

September 23, 2018  15:45

Often these procedures can not be done.

Expensive diagnosis and treatment are not always beneficial for patients. Before you can do everything that the physician prescribes, should be asked to provide additional information. Scientists from the University of Maryland based on the analysis of databases of medical and biological publications PubMed made the top ten most inefficient diagnostic procedures and treatments, writes the with a link to ScienceAlert.

Scientists when search used such keywords as “excessive treatment” and “unnecessary.” They analyzed 2252 articles, of which 1224 spoke directly to the excessive use of drugs, including the cases where it harmed rather than helped. In the end, they were allocated to 122 article, on the basis of which a list of the most useless drugs and procedures that doctors prescribe to their patients, often not wanting to spend time on more effective diagnosis. This does not mean that these procedures do not need to do. But it is important to understand that they are done properly.

Transesophageal echocardiography

Simply put, it is the ultrasound examination of the heart, when the sensor is placed in the esophagus. The doctor may use this method instead of just an electrocardiogram. Scientists say that the associated anesthesia risks there is much more benefit from the data that can be obtained.

Computed tomography angiography

It allows you to explore the work of the pulmonary arteries. The patient receives an unnecessary dose of radiation.

Computed tomography, which can be applied to patients with symptoms of mild respiratory disorders

In this case, CT provided will be of any use. Except that can detect the patient has a non-existent pathology. Really not worth it.

Ultrasound of carotid artery stenting

This study of the carotid arteries, which feed a large part of the brain. Ultrasound helps to identify the risk of stroke. Early diagnosis can save lives. However, in 9 of 10 cases it is in vain. Especially in the case of stenting, when it is done surgically.

Removal of the prostate in the treatment of prostate cancerprostate Cancer is the case when it is easily curable if detect the tumor at an early stage. This can be done through the analysis of blood for markers – antigens of the prostate, but it is hard to say whether they develop an aggressive tumor that must be removed or slow-growing. Only one percent of men who have had prostate removed, risking earn related complications, died of cancer. And those who have retained their prostate? The same percent.

Supplemental oxygen in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)of a Large number of oxygen did not help the lungs of patients with this disease to work better. However, this can cause them to retain carbon dioxide. That is bad.

So in the list of inefficient medical services got the operation on the torn meniscus, hospital diet, ECG and even antibiotics (doctors are sometimes on a particular complaint immediately prescribe antibiotics, but more than half of the cases this is impractical).



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