Young woman survives after crashing into cliff during pre-prom abseiling

August 14, 2019  17:07

Utah's 18-year-old Avery Tanner miraculously survived after crashing into cliff during pre-prom abseiling, Angle News reported.

According to the source, the girl took part in a graduation party, and accidentally fell off a cliff, she received a head injury - diffuse axonal damage to the brain. In 90% of cases, patients after this trauma fall into a coma and do not regain consciousness, and in 10% they are expected to exist in a vegetative state. Fortunately, during the first four days, cerebral edema did not increase, which helped to avoid craniotomy.

On the 12th day, to the surprise of the doctors, Avery came out of a coma. This was followed by a series of amazing events. So, contrary to the forecasts of doctors, after surgery, vision in the right eye was restored. Further, despite bleeding in the spine, it was possible to restore the mobility of the lower extremities, and Avery can walk again. The treatment of lung collapse and pneumonia has also been successful.

Avery spent 68 days in the hospital. Despite the fact that there is a long period of rehabilitation ahead, her relatives and friends believe that the girl will be able to overcome all difficulties and return to normal life.

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