Iridium kills cancer cells, study says

September 26, 2019  16:37

An international team of scientists has developed a new cancer control method. The basis of therapy is a compound of the iridium metal, which, under the influence of light irradiation, kills cancer cells, HighTech + reported.

The method of photodynamic therapy (PDT) allows you to direct light to specific areas of the tumor and activate photosensitizers in them, which in this case were iridium compounds. After activation, the iridium compound destroys the vital NAD coenzyme - the ‘energy generator’ of malignant cells.

All living cells need NAD, but cancer cells require especially high levels of this molecule for rapid growth and reproduction. This makes them more vulnerable to metabolic disorders.

Experiments have shown that this technology kills cancer cells even at very low oxygen concentrations, which usually does not happen when using PDT.

The technique can destroy any tumors that use photodynamic therapy.

The greatest effect can be achieved in the treatment of cancer of the bladder, lungs, esophagus, brain and skin, the authors emphasized.

It is important that the effect is only on cancer cells, without damaging healthy tissues, which in the future will provide the patient with high-quality and non-toxic treatment for the body.


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