British woman gives birth to son 10 weeks after she felt gush of water

October 29, 2019  14:19

The British woman gave birth to a son about 10 weeks after she felt gush of water at the 26th week of pregnacy, Metro reported.

'I was really scared when I heard because it was so early in the pregnancy and my baby was so tiny. I knew straight away he was in danger of serious harm,' she said.

Normally, the minute the water breaks signals the start of labour and that the baby is on its way, but doctors managed to delay this happening to Lauren, from Leeds, West Yorks. 

Middleton was sent home after three days in the hospital. She was checked at least twice a week for several weeks after the gush of water.

But at 35 weeks, she started having contractions and after 20 hours she gave birth to a boy. But about an hour after giving birth, the boy had breathing problems, he was quickly taken to the intensive care unit for newborns. He was reportedly diagnosed with pneumonia and sepsis. Fortunately, taking antibiotics helped the baby.

Photo: SWNS

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