Man's iris looks like Eye of Sauron as he has rare genetic disorder

November 19, 2019  21:13

Patient, 44, has been told to have a pigment dispersion syndrome with defects in iris transillumination, CNet reported. This is a rare genetic disease that makes the eye look like the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings series.

The patient came to the clinic to register after moving. Then the doctors revealed his pigment dispersion syndrome with defects in the transillumination of the iris.

“The patient underwent selective laser trabeculoplasty but continued to use pressure-lowering eyedrops to control his intraocular pressure," the doctors said in The New England Journal of Medicine's report. 

The man said that his family members also suffered from glaucoma. Previously, he took drugs that the doctor prescribed for him because of increased intraocular pressure.


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