Nail polish can be hazardous, scientists say

November 26, 2019  09:47

Nail polish can be hazardous, said scientists at the University of Colorado (US).

The fact is that these drugs emit dangerous levels of volatile organic substances, which can lead to impaired respiratory system function, infertility and cancer. The greatest risk, according to the publication Science Alert, are employees of beauty salons and those who often do manicures and pedicures.

Experts measured the level of benzene and formaldehyde in nail salons and found that it exceeds threshold values. The constant exposure of these substances to people leads to a significant increase in the risk of developing cancer over the next 20 years. A total of 70% of beauty workers reported symptoms such as headaches, skin and eye irritation, while 40% reported multiple symptoms.

According to experts, the results are similar to those that are observed in workers in the oil refining industry and car services.

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