Why can't some people stop overeating?

January 18, 2020  20:51

Many overweight people have resistance to the hormone leptin: this is what prevents them from stopping to overeat and lose weight, said Russian expert.

According to the expert, it is the insensitivity of the cells to leptin that does not allow you to feel full, even if a person eats enough calories.

When a healthy person eats food, leptin levels increase in his body. This hormone, produced in adipose tissue, 'commands' appetite, regulates energy metabolism. Its task is to notify the brain about whether enough food is received for the energy needed by the body. An increase in leptin levels signals the brain that food is no longer needed. And when person stops eating, the level of leptin falls, there is a metabolism acceleration and the assimilation of food begins.

However, some people's receptors in the brain do not respond to elevated leptin levels after meals. While without receiving the necessary signals, the brain does not understand that there are already enough calories. This makes the person eat more than necessary.

It turns out such a vicious circle that leads to a constant feeling of hunger and overeating. Many people suffer from leptin resistance, unaware that they need to take an analysis to determine the level of leptin and, finally, solve the problem, the expert said.

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