Daily Mail: Satiating food reduces cravings for sweets, nutritionist says

April 18, 2024  08:37

Eating more satiating, protein-rich foods is more effective at reducing cravings for sweets and high-calorie foods than restrictive diets, UK nutritionist Robbie Puddick has told The Daily Mail.

According to the specialist, a purposeful effort to eat fewer sweets and other "wrong" foods may not give effective results. The thing is that due to strict restrictions, "forbidden" foods become more desirable. This response of the body is called psychological hunger.

The nutritionist explained that often the great inclination towards sweets is caused not only by psychological hunger, but also by physiological (real) hunger. The body's real high need for food is caused by both nutrient deficiency and insufficient portion size.

To avoid overindulging in sweets, Puddick recommends focusing on eating filling, protein-rich meals. At the same time, it is necessary to eat well at least three times a day. If the desire to eat sweets still arises, the nutritionist advises to wait a little and try to understand what its motive is.

If the desire to eat sugary food is caused by the inability to overcome negative emotions, then you should set a timer and wait for a while—before eating. Each subsequent time, the waiting time should be increased by a minute or two. This exercise helps to divert attention to other activities and stop fighting emotions by "eating."

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