Teen, 15, looking decades older, gets new face

January 22, 2020  10:59

Xiao Feng from the Chinese province of Liaoning looked decades older because of progeria, Daily Mail reported.

'I am 15 years old, but I have a face of a 60-year-old. How I long to look like a high school student,' a desperate Xiao Feng wrote as she sought help from a local philanthropist Guo Mingyi.

According to the source, the hospital agreed to give the teenager a 70 per cent discount for the surgery.

Mingyi organised a city-wide charity event for the girl on December 7, he brought Xiao Feng and her family to the streets and companies in Shenyang to collect donations. People handed out more than 40,000 yuan (£4,290) on the day.

The girl underwent a surgery on December 29, 2019. The operation lasted 7.5 hours and involved 10 surgeons, 3 anesthetists and 5 nurses. They removed 7 centimeters of excess skin.

Xiao Feng appeared at a press conference in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, on January 20, where after a long rehabilitation she first saw her new face. The girl burst into tears and hugged her parents on stage.

The hospital in which the girl was operated on returned the money to the girl’s family. Hospital management wished Xiao Feng to use the money raised by the public for rehabilitation and her education.

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