Coronavirus death toll reaches 3,286

March 5, 2020  09:34

The novel coronavirus has already penetrated into 84 countries, has killed 3,286 people, infected 95,483 others, whereas 53,688 patients have recovered and are discharged from hospitals.

According to, there are now 38,509 patients being treated, a total of 6,420 of whom (17 percent) are either in severe or critical condition, whereas the rest have no complications, and their condition is stable.

As before, China is in the first place with the number of morbidity and mortality from the novel coronavirus; there were 80,430 infections and 3,013 deaths in that country. According to latest reports, there are 5,766 infections and 35 deaths in South Korea, 3,089 cases of infection and 107 deaths in Italy, and 2,922 cases of infection and 92 deaths in Iran.

No new cases of this infection were reported in Armenia. More than 135 laboratory tests for the coronavirus have been conducted, and all have been negative, with the exception of one infected man, who had returned from Iran, still in treatment, and those who had contact with him are still isolated.

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